The Original "power polish" CND Shellac combines the ease of polish with incomparable high-gloss shine and extended wear

Say GOOD-BYE to drying time
To weak damaged nails,
Edge wear and chips
Dents, dings and dulling
No drills, no harmful filing
No nail damaging removal

Say HELLO to Resilient mirror finish!
Strong protected nails!
Zero drying time - its amazing!
Easy off in minutes with safe, gentle Shellac™ Remover Wraps

Shellac with full manicure: £33.00
Shellac with full pedicure:£39.00
Shellac, application only: £23.00
Removal: £10.00
French polish plus:plus £2.50
Solar Oil: £3.95

Professional removal is always recommended to maintain a healthy nail.



Our salon has recommended Nailtiques to clients for 12 years now, it's a really successful way of growing your own strong nails. We have seen may clients achieve beautiful nails by following the Nailtique programme recommended by our therapist.

Whether you have problems with soft peeling nails or strong nails that ping-off Naitiques has the answer, also useful as a way of keeping your nails in tip top condition.

Our therapist will assess your nails and prescribe which Protein formula offers the special ingredients to bind the nail layers together.

The formulas build a strong yet flexible foundation resistant to peeling, chipping & splitting.

A Nailtiques manicure will provide you with the information and encouragement to get you started with your Nailtique regime, all products recommended are available in salon.

The Professional Touch!

Exceptional results in the improvement of the natural nails after removal of artificial enhancements.

Nailtiques Manicure: £28.00
Monthly Course - Pay for 5 have 6th free: £140.00